Closergeist MISMO Object Toolkit

In this era of increased regulation and oversight, your technology must speak the language that the industry demands: MISMO. The Closergeist MISMO Object Toolkit allows you to quickly add MISMO capabilities into your software.

Full MISMO Object Model for the .NET Framework

  • An object model for application developers that simplifies the process of creating and consuming MISMO XML files
  • Available for MISMO 3.3, MISMO 3.3.1, and MISMO 3.4
  • Contains full Intellisense to provide descriptions of MISMO containers, data points, and enumerated values
  • Allows you to generate a fully-valid MISMO file with minimal boilerplate coding
  • Includes simplified support for custom extensions and Arc Roles

Specification Development Accelerator Kits

  • Provides application developers a quick and easy way to implement common standards and reporting requirements
  • Uses the capabilities of the Closergeist MISMO Object Toolkit
  • Available kits include the Unform Closing Dataset (UCD), Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), and Uniform Loan Application Dataset (ULAD)